New release "All About My Love" by a Brooklyn Based Indie Experimentalist Lev Choubine. A generous amount of synthy attributes and a positive feel.

Lev released his first track “The Happenings” in January 2014.

Available for download:



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Talk is Cheap from Chet Faker <3

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Hey, you should check out this band called "SLEEPTALK". i came across them on soundcloud randomly. Not sure if they have released it yet but post it up! soundcloud com/slptvlk

Hey, we're the band Unbuttoned and we just released a new music video and thought you might wanna check it out. Can't post a link but it's on our tumblr !

Hi, I’m just an artist who started sharing his music. You can have a listen on my tumblr page. Any feedback or whatever is appreciated. My music is usually pop, experimental or electronic.


My Apologies

Hi all,

We’re in a unique musical situation- our band consists of just two. Here’s the catch- we live 808 miles apart. Tonight, we launched our Kickstarter campaign to try and raise some funds to help aid our musical progression. 

Any help is beyond appreciated, and some sweet rewards are up for grabs on our Kickstarter. Or you could just check out our tunes! 
Link to our Kickstarter:
Best wishes and much thanks! 
Hey indaymusic! I was wondering if you guys listen to/reblog original music from tumblr users? I'm a musician myself, about to do the solo artist thing, and I'm making my music video debut here on tumblr. At this stage, I'm just looking for blogs who are interested in helping out with the release. If this is something you guys do, awesome! If not, that's totally cool too. I figured it wouldn't hurt to ask.

hey, this account is for a new indie band and i was wondering if you could maybe post one of the songs? :) 'Lazer gunz' by 'clementine and the galaxy' is on soundcloud? that would be so awesome if you like it, thank you!

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Hey... Love the blog!! I just discovered a band on soundcloud that I think would be a perfect addition... They're called XING: just search soundcloud for itsXING. The song is called "Fate." Hope you like, and keep doing what you're doing!! Its much appreciated :)

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