Walk The Furrows
Oh Land
White Nights
Local Natives
Amy Stroup
Far From Yesterday
French Films
Special Shades
Anonymous asked:
Do u listen to other type of music other than indie? If so, what are they? xx

I’ll occasionally listen to other genres as well, like folk/rock/oldie stuff and occasionally pop and top 40, and I’m particularly fond of instrumental music (lol shameless plug) also. I don’t really know - I just like whatever sounds good to me! :)

The Acorn
Anonymous asked:
do any of your songs ever get taken down because of copyright infringement? (i just started a music blog and recently had that happen to me, so i'm not quite sure what to do)

I have noticed a couple of my posts here and there have gone missing - I usually just take note of the artist and try not to post them again. Feel free to message me off-anon if you have any more questions!

Big Bad World
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